Power BI.

Data visualisation. With Power.

Power BI is our data visualisation tool of choice. We use it everywhere; as a dashboarding tool on top of data warehouses we build, as a stand-alone data analysis suite, and even on our own company’s data!

Sometimes, a data warehouse is too much

We do build full-sized data warehouses for our clients. With everything they need. Blob storage. Databases. Analysis Services. Data Factory pipelines. But sometimes this is way too much. Too many technical platforms. Too much money invested. And too much time before go-live.

That’s why we also do Power BI-only projects. These are amazing.

Just need some reporting on your bookkeeping software as a small startup? We’ve got you covered.

Your only source system has an API? Power BI is the go-to data solution.

Of course, Power BI also works perfectly well together with a well-designed Azure Data Platform.

Power BI for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

We have build Power BI solutions on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for several clients. Depending on the scope of the project and the data size, we can do the project fully in Power BI.

This saves you a lot of time, money, and technical components in the final solution.

Read about our use case:

Analytics everywhere. On every device.

Since Power BI is cloud-native, you can run it on any device. Whether it is from your web browser or your mobile phone, there will be no excuses not to have data anymore.

When the Accounts Receivable department can start their morning looking at the most critical accounts to call, right on their desktop, they’ll spend their time more efficiently.

The iOS app is amazing for the account manager looking for an up-to-date overview of the customer he’s visiting. Right from his car, moments before walking into a meeting.

Never be without insight anymore!

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