Analysis Services.

When Power BI runs out of Power.

Analysis Services is Power BI’s big brother. Here at AoP we use the Microsoft Data Platform all day every day. However, we really love Analysis Services.

If you need analysis on massive datasets, Analysis Services is the tool of choice.

Using Analysis Services to analyse massive data.

You could load you the data coming from your data warehouse directly into Power BI. Power BI is capable of running datasets and calculations itself. But sometimes you need a more robust solution. That’s where Analysis Services comes into play.

Azure Analysis Services (and also SQL Server Analysis Services) is a database product by Microsoft specifically created to run analytical applications. The modelling techniques are almost exactly the same as the modelling techniques in Power BI. That makes it possible to scale up your Power BI experiments into a server-grade solution.

Your DAX doesn’t work? We help.

DAX is the formula language used in Analysis Services Tabular and Power BI. We are DAX specialists. We run courses on DAX and we help out clients in need.

Of course, we really like to do big projects. But we also get a lot of positive energy from helping out with seemingly small issues. Small issues that, when solved, have big impact.

We don’t shy away from a 4-hour pressure cooking workshop to solve an issue.

We migrate SSAS multidimensional to Tabular.

Wave you old multidimensional cubes goodbye. It’s time now. They’ve served your organisation well for the last decade or longer.

Tabular is here. It’s modern. It’s fast. It’s cloud.

Analytics on Point can help you migrate your old cubes to modern Tabular data models. Whether you want them in the cloud, or still want to leverage your existing on-premises infrastructure, you’re in good hands.

Multi-billion row datasets.

With Analysis Services, we build massive datasets for our clients. Do you have more than a billion transactions you would like to analyse? No problem. We make it work.

By carefully designing the data model and DAX calculations, we make sure even the largest dataset deliver insights blazingly fast.