Let us build you an amazing data platform.

We don’t just get you a data warehouse. We make sure your analytics are on point.

If you need a new data platform or data warehouse, you could start building it right away. That saves time on the front-end, but it’s not how we do projects.

The problem when you start with coding, is that you don’t have a clearly defined goal. Our opinion is that there should be a goal and strategy behind building a data application.

That’s why we begin with an analysis phase that gives you insight in your data requirements and the way you can implement these requirements.

Even if you decide to work with another implementation partner after we run our analysis phase, we’re happy. Because you will have a starting point for an amazing data warehouse.

We’re here to set you up for success.

Data Strategy.

Data strategy is the one thing that’s often overlooked when starting a data project. We can help define your strategy.

Our data strategy work consists of running workshops in your organisation to assess existing and future data requirements. We will then design you a data platform that’s future proof, including a data architecture and an information matrix showing the exact analyses you’ll be able to perform.

Workshops assessing data requirements

Data warehouse architecture

Information matrix

KPI standardisation

Data Warehouse Development.

We build awesome data warehouses, using Microsoft’s Azure platform. From analysis to release, we’re there for you.

Our team has a lot of experience implementing data warehouses both on-premises as well as in the Azure cloud. Whether you’re looking for a small data warehouse with just one fact table, or a large-scale enterprise data warehouse with dozens of source systems, we deliver.

We offer DWH automation tools to generate code instead of writing it. This speeds up the development process and greatly enhances the quality of code.

On-premises and cloud (Azure)

Single fact table or enterprise data warehouse

Following best practices

Code automation

Data Warehouse Automation

People make mistakes. Yes, even we do. That’s why we offer automation tools, to generate code based on metadata. 

These tools have the developer define a metadata structure. In that structure, the developer defines the to-be data model of the data warehouse. Based on this metadata, the automation tool can generate the objects (tables, scripts) that are needed.

This saves time and there’s less room for human error.

Configure metadata

Generate DWH objects and scripts

Faster time-to-market

Less human errors

DevOps and CI/CD for Data.

For large platforms, it’s hard to manage development, support, and releases. With DevOps and CI/CD, we automate that.

We use Azure DevOps to plan and execute the implementation of your data warehouse. Using the boards we keep track of our progress and with the integrated Git repositories and Azure Pipelines we create automated builds and releases.

Azure DevOps for project management

Work with Agile or Scrum methodologies

Git version control

CI/CD pipelines for automated deployments

Power BI.

Power BI is our data visualisation tool of choice. We offer Power BI development and consultancy.

With Power BI you can create amazing, data-driven reports. But Power BI is more than just a data visualisation tool.

Analysts can use it to find hidden patterns in their data, and then share those insights with their colleagues and even with external users.

Analytics on Point can help you getting started with Power BI.

Data visualisation

Data discovery

Integration with hundreds of data sources

Easy to learn


It would be selfish to keep our knowledge to ourselves. That’s why we offer courses – both online and offline.

Our courses cover a broad part of the BI work we do. Whether you’re looking to be trained in Power BI as an end-user or as a developer, we’ve got you covered. On top of that we offer Azure DevOps and CI/CD for Data courses.

Power BI for end-users

Azure DevOps and CI/CD for Data

Courses both online and offline

Reach out to us to get started