Who we are

Analytics on Point is a small business intelligence and data warehousing consultancy founded in 2019.

Our mission is to make the BI and DWH world smarter. Instead of selling extra hours of manual development, we’d rather use smart automation and pre-built solutions to deliver more value to the client.

Over Ons

“Analytics on Point is an excellent partner for your data platform projects!”

Bas Land
Founder & Data architect/consultant

Bas founded AoP in 2019 after 6 years of working for data consultancy agencies. His vision is to work smarter by enabling automation when implementing data warehouses.

When he’s not working, Bas can be seen practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu, a combat sport focusing on bringing the fight to the ground to control and submit an opponent.

Jaap van den Brandhof
Power BI consultant

Jaap is our Power BI consultant. After 15 years in industrial computer sales he wanted to develop himself into the data business. And he succeeded.

Jaap works on data visualisation with our clients and users and because of his long sales career he is an excellent conversation partner when designing dashboards and reports.

Daan van Elburg
Software Engineer

Daan is our rising star. He’s still in university but that didn’t stop him from applying to us for a role in software development.

He currently works on the AoP Automator, a tool that allows BI developers to create data warehouses in a very quick and fool-proof way.