Smart solutions instead of billable hours

Instead of starting from scratch every project, and billing a lot of hours, it’s in our DNA to develop smart solutions that can be reused. This saves a lot of time and money.

BI for AX 2009 / 2012

We offer a base template for Microsoft Dynamics AX customers, in order to lower the effort of setting up a data warehouse.

Our default setup is most useful for wholesale and retail customers, and is a lean and mean basic DWH that can be expanded/customised easily.

Power BI for Dynamics 365 CRM

If you run Dynamics CRM, or Dynamics 365 CE, sometimes a data warehouse is not what you need.

We have developed a standard framework to connect to and load data from Dynamics directly into Power BI. This is not as powerful as a DWH, but it is incredibly fast to setup!

Data Loader Framework

To make loading, transforming, and combining data even easier, for any data source, we created the Data Loader Framework.

This framework can be setup in less than a day and is fully configurable.

We’ve seen that for many of our clients, this saves 15-20 days of manual development time for any data solution during the data loading and transforming phase.