DWH Architecture for a medical devices retailer.

Project goals

A world-class retailer of high-end medical devices asked us to help them designing and building a new data warehouse.

They own a lot of stores where patients buy devices and get them serviced. The data warehouse were to capture data about sales, patients, products and stores.

The client asked us to realise this data warehouse on their on-premises SQL Server infrastructure, located in Asia.

Given the confidential nature of the patient data, we couldn’t just store all of that data in this central data warehouse. Some of the data could not leave their respective geographical locations.

We had to come up with a scalable solution, providing both the option to have a company-wide overview on the on-premises SQL Server data warehouse in Asia, as well as a local analysis capability with more detailed patient data in the respective geographies.

Project outcome

The client got their data warehouse designed by Analytics on Point. In the designed architecture we accounted for the different laws (e.g. GDPR in Europe and CCPA in California) by including regional Azure components with data warehouses containing regional data only.

Centrally, we designed a data warehouse leveraging the already existing on-premises SQL Server platform, where we put global data not governed by privacy laws.

This all was tied together by a DWH Automation tool, so that we could maintain objects between the data warehouses. Azure DevOps and CI/CD pipelines were used to manage the project and automatically store, test, and deploy code.

In the end, we developed only a small piece of the actual data warehouse. Most of the development work was done by the client’s internal staff, only assisted by us to make sure the proper architectural guidelines were followed.

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