Meet the team you’ll be working with.

Who we are.

Analytics on Point is a small business intelligence and data warehousing consultancy founded in 2019.

Our mission is to make the BI and DWH world smarter. Instead of selling extra hours of manual development, we’d rather use smart automation to deliver more value to the client.


Founder & BI/DWH Consultant

Bas is the founder of Analytics on Point. He has broad knowledge of data warehousing and BI concepts and wants to do things the smart way. That means he’s been working on DWH Automation and DevOps and CI/CD a lot lately.


Software Developer

Daan is our rising star. He’s still in university, but he works for us developing parts of our DWH Automation platform.

The AoP Network

Consultants, developers, project managers, finance professionals

We work with a number of highly skilled contractors to offer flexible and quality work to our clients.

Our network includes other BI consultants, data scientists, software developers, architects, project managers, database administrators, and data / finance analysts.

Reach out to us if you think we can be of help.

Curious what we’ve been working on?